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 Book Consultation  

Story Consultations:

What Brooke offers: 

Documentary Narrative Consultations: Story approaches, remapping the story effectively, arching, overhaul, helping your main characters represent stronger on screen, etc.

Production: field production, assembling crew, Women in Film registered contacts for a diverse crew build, pitfalls of documentary productions, legal documents, shoot locations, etc.

Grant and Funding: Where to find grants for your film, funding opportunities, effective grant writing techniques and examples, funding through CRYPTOCURRENCY (Brooke was one of the first to use crypto in film finance), campaign strategies, connections, impact production, etc.

Photography and Storytelling: Pitching stories, crafting narratives, diversify portfolio, what not to say to publishers, etc.

Film Proposal: How to write one, best strategy, film pitching for first timers, etc.

Hosting and Presenting: Vocal coaching, dynamic reading, one on one reviews, ways to get gigs, editing your reel, etc.

Blockchain for Filmmakers: Brooke has spent four years in blockchain with an emphasis on distribution for filmmakers. Lots to unpack here so schedule if you are interested!

If someone says storytelling is easy...they aren't an effective storyteller. Contact me to set up a complimentary consultation.

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